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Our Story

Our story began with a genuine love for experimenting in the kitchen. From those early days, standing on a tiny wooden stepstool alongside my Opa making German pretzels, the magic of baking captured my heart.

I believe that food is a language of love. For that reason, I strive to use only the best ingredients, sourced from local providers whenever possible. It's a dedication that ensures each bite is a testament to the care and attention that goes into every creation.

Welcome to the world of Kaycie Bakes, where every treat is a taste of heartwarming memories and exquisite flavors.

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The story behind our name

You might be surprised to know that my actual name is Kayla, not Kaycie. It's a common assumption considering the bakery's name is 'Kaycie Bakes,' and I don't mind the mix-up from time to time. The truth is, the inspiration behind 'Kaycie' comes from my initials, 'KC.' It felt like a playful and clever way to incorporate my name into the bakery's identity.


So, whether you refer to me as Kayla or Kaycie, know that I'm here to make your boho bakery dreams a reality. From delightful treats to enchanting creations, I'm excited to bring a touch of magic to your culinary desires.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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